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We hope you find the following Frequently Ask Questions useful.

Flap Discs perform multiple functions. First, they remove metal, reducing the need to depressed centre grinding wheels. Second, by modifying the grinding angle and apply less pressure, it is possible to create a finish appropriate to the given job, eliminating the need for a resin fibre disc. One tool, two functions. This saves money by eliminating tool changes as well as reducing the need for inventory. Voila, increased productivity! With less grinding noise and more comfort, flap discs are easier on your ears and hands.

Difference and performance based. Ceramic grains cut cooler, faster and longer. Ceramic grain is the most technically advanced abrasive and delivers the greatest overall value in large production applications, especially on stainless and exotic metals.

Zirconia grain is tougher and offers aggressive cutting and long life compared to traditional aluminium oxide grain. Zirconia grain offers great versatility in stock removal and finish in a wide range of applications and materials.

Generally speaking, it's a matter of operator preference.

Type 27 is most effective on flat surfaces and should be used at a shallower angle - from 5 to 15 degrees. The cutting aggressiveness of the disc can be controlled by varying the angle of the grinder within this range - the steeper the angle, the more aggressive the cut.

Type 29 is the most effective on contoured surfaces. Used at the same angle as type 27 it will provide greater contact area between the disc and the work piece, resulting in more material removal in the same amount of time.

High density flap discs have 30% more flaps and offer significantly loner life (30% to 50%) than standard density discs. High density discs offer a more ergonomic feel, providing "cushioning" for the operator. This feature makes them great for operations that require extended grinding time. High density flap discs are designed for light grinding, sanding, blending and finishing.

Standard density flap discs are engineered for a high rate of stock removal. They feel more rigid giving the operator better control, especially for narrow point of contact applications such as bevelling.